Making fun of Spainistan

The end of the "Toro" brand?
 Not so long time ago, during Zapateros’ mandate (the former socialist Spainistan President), the Partido Popular (PP) and its more ultra-fascist line decided to critizise the lack of defense of the Spanish identity by its government. This was theoretically based on his weakness (they called him “bambi”) in several key issues: an excessive position for dialogue in foreign policy; a too opened management of the Catalan and Basc nationalisms, or his isolation within the Europe starting the financial crisis. The conclusion by the more Castellan-Spanish Extreme Right was always the same: Bambi-Zapatero has diminished all what is related to the grandious concept of “Spain” and of “being Spanish”.

It is absolutely amanzing to see now how in less than 6 months in power, Spain has never before been so directly and viscerally attached, till the point of ridiculing both internally and specially internationally, in many aspects, events and fronts. We are going just to focus our attention in those more histrionic, presenting them the more to the less serious:

Foreign policy. During the recently done French elections’ Campaign, Mr. Sarkozy dedicated a sustainedand systematic aggressive narrative against the “Spainof the socialists”, trying in this way to attack its rival, the Frenchsocialist Holland. Sarko had no mercy with Spainistan unemployment rates, corruption and the Economical Apocalypsis, not precisely helping the government of Rajoy (also liberal) to improve their public image for the financial markets. No news from Rajoy.

Economy. Latin America rose up in front of the megalomaniac Spanishness of the PP’s ultra-right. First, Argentina, with the public nationalization of the Spanish monster gas company Repsol-YPF; Bolivia afterwards, with the nationalization of the Spanish electricity company Red Eléctrica Española. Both gave us two direct punches not only to the Economy, but also to the Spainistani Foreign Policy. No news from García-Margallo (the Spainistan Foreign Policy Minister) and some pathetic news from José Manuel Soria (the Spainistan Minister of Industry).

National policy. As we already said in our previus POST, the ultra-right Esperanza Aguirre tried to politicize a sportive event when she attacked directly the identity of the Basc and Catalan nationalisms, besides counting with the complicity of the Spanish TV, that tried to manipulate the reality in order to hidden the whistling against the Spanish Hymn. The final ended up with the senyera and ikurriña (Catalan and Basc flags) tied up together in brotherhood against the most rancid and aggressive imperialist Spanish nationalism. No news from Esperanza Aguirre.

Finally, in sports, and again with our French friends, a campaign was done with the puppets of Canal+ (guiñoles in Spanish), attacking and questioning the successes of Spanistan Sport (in soccer, tennis, cycling…), suggesting in a sharp and direct way the use of illegal drugs by Spainistan sportsmen (SEE VIDEOS BELOW). Also, in society events, last weekend took place Eurovision, in which Spainistan was once again object of fun by our English and Dutch colleagues; they suggested that given the Spanish economical situation, our representative was kindly asked not to win the competition as, in case this may happen, Spainistan would not count with money enough in order to organize Eurovision next year…

Curiously enough, these two last events DID genrate a reaction from the government of Spanistan!. The question of the puppets became a question of national interest, with the Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs doing public statements about it, aggressively saying that a letter would be sent to the French Government (whilst nothing was done related to the shameful statements of Sarkozy!!!). For Eurovision, the reactions by some Spainistan Television shows affiliated to the PP have gone beyond xenophobic violence in their speeches…

It is impossible for us to add something else. This is the level of politicians, identity and representation of Spainistan.

A group of hurt former Spaniards.


Ultra-fascism, soccer, monarchy and politics

This is just another post whereby you realize till which extent all the elements mentioned in the title are actually linked up in Spainistan and feedback each other till the more absolute stupidity.

The polemic is installed in Spainistan some days since, focused in the statement done by Ms. Esperanza Aguirre (“Esperanza” in Spanish means “hope”) on the soccer final of the Kings’ Cup, with Barcelona team Vs. Bilbao, a Vasc team. Yes, yes, you are not dreaming: in Spainistan is perfectly possible that the President of the Madrid Regional State makes statements about soccer!. Ms. “Hope” said that if the fans of Barcelona and Bilbao make fun again during the national Spainistani hymn, by whistling or any other means, the camp should be immediately closed, fans expelled and the match if so, be played “closed doors”, as making fun of the National Spainistani Hymn is indeed an offence punished by criminal law.

My foreign readers should know that during the 2008-09 Kings’ Cup final, that was also played by Barça and Bilbao, it came to happen that at the beginning of the match and during the national hymn, both fans and supporters (around 80.000 people!) started to whistle with a loud crash and showed clearly against the monarchy as an institution (the King, his son and other members of the Spainistani monarchy symbolically “chair” this match, as it was also done for decades by Franco, the Spanish dictator). The commotion in Spainistan was even greater when TVE (the Spanish TV) censored these images (this reality!), and it could only be seen through the Catalan and Basc Country TVs. You can see all of this in these videos:

A more detailed video can be found here.

Political reactions, including some of the same party of Ms. Esperanza Aguirre (the PP), took place immediately, qualifying them as “unacceptables” and of “politizising a sportive event”, but the key thing isn’t here. What Mr. Hope actually was trying to do was to divert attention from a political news that came to light some days before: it was publicly known that the Madrid Regional State (that she is the President of) had doubled its deficit, jumping from the announced 1.1% to the 2.2%. This is particularly shameful in Spainistan at the moment because (1) the PP had repeated that the deficit in Spainistan was the only responsibility (and heritage) of Mr. Zapatero, the former socialist president; and (2) that the Region of Madrid, together with Valencia and Castilla La Mancha, where the perfect, good models of excellence as they all are managed by the PP (all of the 3 regions account for almost 35% of Spainistan deficit!!!).

Conclusion: in Spainistan we have politicians able of (trying to) transform a sport event in a ultra-liberal fascist manipulation of a political scandal of corruption and mismanagement, making it up of an act of support to an institution heir of a dictatorship as it is the Spainistani current monarchy.


The explosive Spainistan’s Minister of Defense (*)

This post is based on Jordi’s Calvo post with the same title

Although Spain has a “Ministry of Defense”, in Spainistan we rightly call it the “Minister of War”, which is exactly his final aim and raison d’etre. Five months ago, the Partido Popular took government in Spain; the Government Cabinet was nominated soon and with no few surprises, that we will also elaborate in future posts.

Probably one of the most stricking surprises was the nomination of the Spainistani Minister of War. His name is Pedro Morenés (see picture) and, what was our surprise when we discovered that this guy has been regularly linked to the production and selling of some of the most socially controversial and rejected weapons existing!!!. We are talking here serious business: nuclear weapons and cluster bombs.

Mr. (Mr.?) Morenés was the President of MBDA Spain. MBDA is a multinational enterprise that builds ASMP-A missiles, nuclear-type missiles. Actually, MBDA is owned by three of the enterprises that de facto produce nuclear weapons: EADS, BAE Systems and Finmeccanica. The last one is participated in a 2.01% by the Lybian Investment Authority (LIA) under the former Gadafi Govnerment which, by the way, did very lucrative busniness with this dictator.

In fact, this is not the last link between the Minister of War Mr. Morenés and Gadafi: to our surprise, Morenés was advisor to Instalaza, a Spainistan company producing and selling cluster bombs just before it was forbidden by law. This company sold bombs to Gadafi, and they were used against the civil population in Libia, as shown by Human Rights Watch.

The conclusion is straightforward: Spainistan has a Minister of War that directly contributed to the production and selling of nuclear weapons and cluster bombs, and that indirectly, yet with a strong cause-effect relationship, contributed to the killing of civilians in Libya via his friend Gadafi. Finally, difficult to see how this monster will keep his impartiality and neutrality versus the Spainistani Military-Industrial conglomerate...

Shame on Spainistan,
A hurt former Spaniard


Paul was wrong, the risk premium is right

As you can see in the chart, Spainistan has surpassed today the threshold that before triggered the EU’s intervention in Greece (here obviously known as Greecistan). Indeed, for Greecistan the risk premium was in 500 when this took place, whereas for Portugalistan and Irelandistan was 517 and 544, respectively. The barrier has been crossed and, from this Blog, we do urgently call for a formal intervention of this country. Actually, this intervention will just formalize what is already de facto happening so no worries!. This actually takes place in a critical moment for Spainistan; please do refer to the Spainistan Nonsense Indicators’ list here.

As you may know, just a couple of days ago, Paul Krugman suggested the end of the game as follows: 1. Greek euro exit, very possibly next month. 2. Huge withdrawals from Spanish and Italian banks, as depositors try to move their money to Germany. 3a. Maybe, just possibly, de facto controls, with banks forbidden to transfer deposits out of country and limits on cash withdrawals. 3b. Alternatively, or maybe in tandem, huge draws on ECB credit to keep the banks from collapsing. 4a. Germany has a choice. Accept huge indirect public claims on Italy and Spain, plus a drastic revision of strategy — basically, to give Spain in particular any hope you need both guarantees on its debt to hold borrowing costs down and a higher eurozone inflation target to make relative price adjustment possible; or: 4b. End of the euro.

I think Paul was wrong and the risk premium is right; being honest and coherent, Spainistan should have had to be intervened today, the exit of Greecistan has already been decided and normal people, like me, are already transferring funds to other countries, such as Germany and Switzerland.

Let’s be all honest: we are in front not only of the end of the Euro, but of the end of the European project. It was never considered, it was actually never considered worth to try to tackle it and to build it up as a social-political one; now it won’t even be economical. And one of the main responsible for this to happen is Spainistan.

A Hurt Former Spaniard   

Fucking bullfighting

Am I right when I seriously doubt that we are in the 21st  Century?. I’m asking this question because in Spaininistan it has (again) started the bullfighting season, a torture-practice that can only be explained by sadists and animal killers and that is presented as a “Spanish cultural tradition”. Before continue reading, please take a look to this short video:

I would also like to share with you this website that we fully support: http://www.stopbullfighting.org.uk/facts.htm. Please take a look to it because it perfectly explains all the steps of this torture, from the pre-fighting treatment to the assassination of the animal.
However, the aim of these posts is a different one; what we really try to counter-argument is how this practice is sold all around the World as a typical, inherent, intrinsic, feature of the Spanish culture. In our opinion, behind this there is a clear and evident political interest which is aligned with an old-fashion and mellow centralist conception of Spanish nationalism. This centralism pretends to defend the existence of an ancient “españolidad” (Spanishness) with a rooted tradition, culture, language and use of power.
This is just the first post about a long-debated, discussed and controversial issue. But, from now on, we would like to make the point clear: we are neither Spanish-nationalist, nor regionalist-nationalists (Catalan, Vasc-country, etc.); what we hate and we want to denounce here is the systematic use of Madrid-centered political power in order to defend, promote and even impose this artificial perspective of what is “Spanish” and what is not. This deserves the classification as a Spainistan attitude.


The Politian, the Soccer Player, the Monarchy and the Corrupted

… the good and incredible thing in Spainistan is that you can find all of them in or around just one and the same person!. The guy in the picture is called Fernando Roig. He is the President of the Villareal Futbol Club, a first Spanish Soccer League team that even played the Champions League recently.

This guy was yesterday cited at Valencia tribunals as a witness. He is a key witness in the Iñaqui de Urdangarín case. Iñaqui de Urdangarían is Duke of Palma and the son-in-law of Juan Carlos I, the KillerKing of Spain. As you may  probably know, Iñaqui is now impeached in Spain accused of several charges, among them embezzlement of founds and traffic of influences, together with fraud to the public Treasury in what is supposed to be millions of Euros.

Why is Fernando as key witness?. According to the information available, his enterprise, the Villareal Futbol Club, payed almost 700.000 Euros for a report of 12 pages done by the Instituto Noos, an enterprise of Iñaqui Urdangarin. Yes, yes, you read adequately: 700.000 Euros for a report of 12 pages… Apparently, this was common practice in Iñaqui’s institute, who was dedicated just to do bullshit for several people (among them, many Politians in Valencia,including the ex president Paco Camps and the mayor, Rita Barberá). Obviously what they were in fact buying was the “name” and the "reputation" of the Monarchy…

The surrealist, absurd, and Spanistan momentum came when Mr. Roig was inquired by the journalist after his declaration in the tribunals. This person answered, literally:

“I kindly ask you to respect my mourning day”, referring to what happened on Sunday, the day before, when Villareal lost his match and had to be descended to the Second Division of the Spanistan League, a drama for many people that seems to be more important than any other thing... 

So, this is Spainistan: a country where people cries because their team is descended, without bothering by the fact that his “President” is clearly connected to a bunch of corrupted polititians who, in turn, are connected to a corrupted, old-fashion institution such as the Monarchy.

Somebody can offer something better?. Shame on Spanistan,
A hurt former Spaniard  

Fascism in Spainistan newspapers

This is the frontpage of the Spainistan newspaper "La Razón", the past 10th of May. La Razon has a daily circulation of over 150.000 copies, one of the most sold in Spainistan. Whilst it has traditionally been positioned on the right of the Spanistan landscape, since Partido Popular took the power it has gone not only to the right, but to the extreme right.

The height of its conservativeness, came to happen this day, hence getting dangerously close to fascism. As you can see in the picture, the front-page was presenting five students as criminals, not to say as terrorists. Actually, this format has commonly been used as to raise public awareness about wanted terrorists in Spaininistan.

It was published just some days before the massive protest in celebration of the 15-M or "indignated" (indignados) movement that started in Madrid and spill over all around the World. A Le Monde Diplomatique blog took the history (you can access the article here) and qualified it as “repugnant, ignoble and pathetic”.

More posts will come on the way this extreme-right newspaper treats information with techniques unique to totalitarian, controlled and fascists’ states, as Spainistan is becoming. In the meantime, should you want a bit more of information, please continue reading…


Bankers, Politians and Corruption

Very few times we will do something like referring to other's articles in this Blog; but the majority of those, it would be about pieces that clearly reflect a "relationship" between two or more of the factical powers that govern Spainistan and that we try to denounce here (see the Objectives of this Blog for further information).

This Elpais article tells a tale (in English) about the relationships between the Spanish Banking system, the political gobernance (or better, how does the Partido Popular "understand" and "interpret" it) and corruption with impunity. It says it all, so I will just shut up...

This is one of the main Spainistan idols today, Cristiano Ronaldo. I must start by saying that we do not support Barcelona or Madrid teams, as we do strongly believe that this sport is just another form of social control mechanism for an idiotized society. This strong statement has its nounces, as we will see later on, but as a matter of principle, this is where we do start now.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a good example of what we want to express here. Born in 1985, today nobody knows what is his background, basically because he hasn’t got any. He started playing soccer and has been a successful sports man, but… that’s all. His father was an alcoholic; he’s been accused of sexual harassment; he bought the silence of the woman who has his own recognised children (the woman disappeared from the media after receiving an enormous amount of money), he has crashed different super-luxury cars in diverse car-accidents… But, in Spainistan, this guy is an idol, a model of conduct, an aspiration for milions of people; amazing, isn't it?

What the Spainistanies deserve

We are seriously starting to believe that the Spainistanies have what they do actually deserve. Since the right-side Partido Popular took over the government in Spain 5 months ago, they have taken all necessary measures to (1) dismantle the welfare state in Spainistan (previously known as “Spain”); (2) break up their own electoral promises; (3) contradict their own political program; (4) and blindly serve the Merkel-European dictatorship based on the austerity narrative coming from the European Union and the financial markets.

Despite of the above, the recently published poll on social research done by the Centre for Sociological Research (a public institute), shows that whilst the Partido Popular has only lost 4 points in the voting intention, the PSOE (the socialist alternative) has only gained 1, hence keeping the distance between the two in more than 10 points!.

This is absolutely unveliebable and clearly shows what are the priorities of Spainistanies, what is the social and political support of the right and extreme right in Spainistan, and how Spainistanies prefer not to look at the reality, but to “enjoy” with stupid entertainments such as soccer (fútbol), TV realities, and going to the church or supporting the monarchy.

Spainistan and Spainistanies have what they do deserve: a sinking country, with almost 6 milion unemployed people, with almost 50% unemployment rate of those under 25 years old, with public and health education being dismantled and with anachronic, oldfashion, hyper conservative and extreme right institutions such as the catholic church, the army, or the monarchy in place. All of this at the same time that the government is injecting public money to the financial and banking system.


King Juan Carlos the Killer

This is the King of Spainistan: a killer King. As you can see in the picture, he has been killing elephants. The issue became a massive scandal  as this only was known because this person suffered an accident that brought to a hip-rupture. Now, a traditionally "untouchable" institution such as the Monarchy has come widely critizised, even questioned, all over Spainistan.

His name is (I of course avoid to include the nobility titles, such as "excellency" or other medieval stuff) Juan Carlos I de Borbón, and it belongs to the allegedly "noble" saga of the Borbones (and, allegedly also, "Royal House" in Europe). You can find more information here

OK, so, this person, widely supported by the poor Spaniards, extremely (to the extreme of the extreme right) supported by the conservatives in Spainistan, came public due to a hunting race that took place in Botswana, within an extremely pathetic context in this Banana Republic that is Spainistan. I do promise to you this is worth the reading...

Mr. Rajoy, the President of Spainistan

I would kindly ask you to see the video below yet a previous contextualization is needed: it is the 10th of April 2012, Tuesday. The week before, the Spanish government had approved the most restrictive Budget ever in the Democratic history of Spain. But a big surprise went on public on Monday, when journalists and Spanish society "discovered" ('cos it wasn't included in the Budget official proposal) that the Government had approved an extra 10.000 million Euros cut on public Health and Education. Spanish society was obviously in shock, not only due to the measures themselves, but also on the way they had been done.

Well, so... here we are. After the first public appearence of Mr. Rajoy in the Senate, that was done for other business and not at all to explain the above, everybody was waiting for our president to explain how it came such as law-decree, restricting the most untouchable components of our wellfare state.

Now you can see his reaction...

... and if you are still interested about my opinion, please continue reading. 


No access to healthcare in Spainistan Banana Republic

Only in Banana Republics, as Spainistan is starting to look like, you may find situations such as this one: now, following Mariano Rajoy's brutal neoliberal cuts ("reforms" according to their narrative), de facto economically and finantially intervened by the European Union technocracy, those without-papers (the "sin papeles" in Spanish or "sans papiers" in French) would not benefit anymore from access to healthcare.

The government aduces that emergency and maternity services would be in any case granted. However, as many reports show (among others, this from MDM - Médecins Du Monde / Médicos del Mundo - Spain), this measure is all but adequate, simply because:

  1. It is completely discriminatory. It lefts people out of the system simply by being "no-nationals". Moreover, it exclude the most vulnerable, those without any kind of regular paper in Spainistan. By the way, one Spanish politian, when presenting this measure, referred to the "Rumanians" as the worst case, as they obtain the European Card in Spain and, when getting back to Rumania, still get re-paid health services... I do apology here to all Rumanian people for this stupid bastard comment.
  2. It is anti-constitutional. The Spanish (not the Spainistanish :) Constitution includes the Universal Right to Health in their articles 15, 40 and 43; any limitation to this right goes against the constitutional text and therefore, against the Spanish People, where Sovereignty laids.
  3. It is fully hypocrite. We will further develop this in other posts, yet it is necessary to say that the main argument aduced is that there is a "call effect" generated by the massive free offer of services that the Spanish Health system does. However, those criminalised with this decree are precisely those who are using the less the system; according to MDM report, only around 4% of it!!!.
... and many other reasons. The Church, the Army, the Bank... many institutions makes us shame of being Spaniards, but this measure is probably one of the most awful, abject and F-A-S-C-I-S-T measure taken by a Government that, I'm sorry, it cannot be defined otherwise but as a FASCIST oliogarchy.

From a Hurt Former Spaniard

A Homophobic Church in Spain

This guy here is Mr. Reig Pla, Antonio, who is at present the Bishop from Alcalá de Henares, a city-district of Madrid.
Two weeks ago, this guy literally said the following words:

"I'd like to address some words to those persons that today, conditioned by so many and diverse ideologies, end up by not properly orienting their human sexuality; since childhood they do think that they have attaction towards partners from their own sex (...) and sometimes, in order to test it, they do corrupt themselves and fall into prostitution. Or even they do go to men's clubs. I can ensure to you that they will find in Hell".

In 2009, this guy carried out a mass in favour of pro-Franquist Fascists, using a banned flag (the pre-constitutional Franquist Flag) in his Church. You can see the picture on the right side. Also, this guy is known by supporting several Spanish priests accused of pederastia, among other super-democratic, ethic and noble actions...

A big revolt took place this time with the Spaniards: the homophobic mass was broadcasted by the Spanish Television in a public program payend by all Spaniards!. The video was held in the Spanish website during several days despite the massive protest of hundreds of thousands of Spaniards... yet, the video counted +250.000 visits in just 4 days!.

After reading this, if you do not still feel nausea, you may like to continue reading other posts about the Spanish Church, 'cos this isn't the end of this history, beleive me!.
A Hurt Former Spaniard

Introducing Spanish mafia politicians

Whether you beleive it or not, these two guys are, following exactly this order and as a matter of fact: 

  • active regional PP (Partido Popular) politians in the Comunidad Valenciana, a region in Spain; 
  • they have been impeached in different judiciary causes, some of them still opened; despite this public shame, they have not resigned from their positions!
  • they are nevertheless still the heads of two sub-regional provinces in Spain, Comunidad Valenciana, Valencia (the guy in your left, Franciso "Paco" Camps) and the other one in your right, Carlos Fabra, Castellón;
  • Although being famous all over Spain for corruption, as I was saying above they are still ACTIVE in their respective political positions; yes, Paco Camps was forced to dismiss following a national shame that I will related in a different post, but he still holds a seat in the Regional Parliament!;
  • The other guy, Carlos Fabra, is widely known for deviation of public founds; the most striking example being the construction of an Airport without planes, that I will also relate to you 'cos is so... UNVELIEVABLE!. He still holds his position in the sub-regional government. He is also widely know because he's able to do press conferences whilst holding SUNGLASSES and not accepting questions from the journalists...

These are the kind of people that reigns in SPAINISTAN. More to come...
A Hurt Former Spaniard

Spain is only in Spanish

In our first post, we will ask our readers for apologies due to a very simple fact: we do not speak and writte proper English at all. 
If you have certain international experience, and moreover, if you are not Italian, Portuguese or even French, you would have already realised about this evidence: Spanish people speak and write an indecent English. This is particularly so for those Spanish in their '30s and beyond. Why?.
Very simple my dear readers and friends: during the past 40 years, Spain did not invest at all on a proper languages policy, or, better said, the Spanish governments invested in a SPANISH-BASED policy, excluding anything that could jeopardize the domain of such as noble language.