A Homophobic Church in Spain

This guy here is Mr. Reig Pla, Antonio, who is at present the Bishop from Alcalá de Henares, a city-district of Madrid.
Two weeks ago, this guy literally said the following words:

"I'd like to address some words to those persons that today, conditioned by so many and diverse ideologies, end up by not properly orienting their human sexuality; since childhood they do think that they have attaction towards partners from their own sex (...) and sometimes, in order to test it, they do corrupt themselves and fall into prostitution. Or even they do go to men's clubs. I can ensure to you that they will find in Hell".

In 2009, this guy carried out a mass in favour of pro-Franquist Fascists, using a banned flag (the pre-constitutional Franquist Flag) in his Church. You can see the picture on the right side. Also, this guy is known by supporting several Spanish priests accused of pederastia, among other super-democratic, ethic and noble actions...

A big revolt took place this time with the Spaniards: the homophobic mass was broadcasted by the Spanish Television in a public program payend by all Spaniards!. The video was held in the Spanish website during several days despite the massive protest of hundreds of thousands of Spaniards... yet, the video counted +250.000 visits in just 4 days!.

After reading this, if you do not still feel nausea, you may like to continue reading other posts about the Spanish Church, 'cos this isn't the end of this history, beleive me!.
A Hurt Former Spaniard

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