Introducing Spanish mafia politicians

Whether you beleive it or not, these two guys are, following exactly this order and as a matter of fact: 

  • active regional PP (Partido Popular) politians in the Comunidad Valenciana, a region in Spain; 
  • they have been impeached in different judiciary causes, some of them still opened; despite this public shame, they have not resigned from their positions!
  • they are nevertheless still the heads of two sub-regional provinces in Spain, Comunidad Valenciana, Valencia (the guy in your left, Franciso "Paco" Camps) and the other one in your right, Carlos Fabra, Castellón;
  • Although being famous all over Spain for corruption, as I was saying above they are still ACTIVE in their respective political positions; yes, Paco Camps was forced to dismiss following a national shame that I will related in a different post, but he still holds a seat in the Regional Parliament!;
  • The other guy, Carlos Fabra, is widely known for deviation of public founds; the most striking example being the construction of an Airport without planes, that I will also relate to you 'cos is so... UNVELIEVABLE!. He still holds his position in the sub-regional government. He is also widely know because he's able to do press conferences whilst holding SUNGLASSES and not accepting questions from the journalists...

These are the kind of people that reigns in SPAINISTAN. More to come...
A Hurt Former Spaniard

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