Why this blog? / Por qué este blog?

This Blog aims at reflecting from a humoristic and self-critical point of view the situation Spain is living politically, socially, economically, etc. We do think it deserves an inside perspective, to be shared with the outside World and particularly with our non-Spaniards colleagues.

Its name is based in the famous (at least for the Spaniards!) video "Españistán", from the Catalan author Aleix Saló. You can actually find its first video, "Españistán", with English subtitles, here: 

But this is only the beginning. We just pretend to reflect several aspects of the Spanish society, currently sinking under the "reforms" (cuts) adopted by the right, conservative, neo-liberalist government installed (the Partido Popular, PP), tolerant and connivent with the de facto traditional powers in Spain: the Church, the Monarchy, the Army, the Banking system, among others.

We also try to show some of the intrinsec contradictions, arrogances, weakenesses and idolatries Spaniards have had  historically and continue to ciment this society today.

"Enjoy" this (we hope) fresh point of view and don't hesitate in commenting freely about it!. We're just trying to raise public awareness about it through your own lenses.

A hurt former Spaniard

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