This is one of the main Spainistan idols today, Cristiano Ronaldo. I must start by saying that we do not support Barcelona or Madrid teams, as we do strongly believe that this sport is just another form of social control mechanism for an idiotized society. This strong statement has its nounces, as we will see later on, but as a matter of principle, this is where we do start now.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a good example of what we want to express here. Born in 1985, today nobody knows what is his background, basically because he hasn’t got any. He started playing soccer and has been a successful sports man, but… that’s all. His father was an alcoholic; he’s been accused of sexual harassment; he bought the silence of the woman who has his own recognised children (the woman disappeared from the media after receiving an enormous amount of money), he has crashed different super-luxury cars in diverse car-accidents… But, in Spainistan, this guy is an idol, a model of conduct, an aspiration for milions of people; amazing, isn't it?

Still, this guy was sold from Manchester United to Real Madrid by 90 milion Euros (115 milion US$), the more expensive soccer player transaction ever done till today. He is widely known by being arrogant, egomaniac and childish. He has lack respect to all adversaries in almost all places he’s been playing. He has not been capable of overcome the owerhelming superiority of his alter-ego, F.C. Barcelona player Messi… And all of this has been shown with anti-fair play attitudes such as the one you can see in this video:
The video reflects the personality of this child called Cristiano Ronaldo: despite his team Real Madrid won for the first time in the past 4 years the Spanish League, he did not care: for him the important thing is that the people of Bilbao (where the match was taking place) did not admire him. He had to listen several insults to his person (something usually happens in every Spainistani match) , but he cannot understand that a “star” like him is not beloved. This has probably something to do with his clear lack of recognition and support by the figure of his father, but this cannot explain the anti-sportive attitude you can see in this video.

Ok, having said all this, the sad history is that this person is the “example” for many people in Spainistan, mainly for young teenagers, but also for people in their ‘20s and ‘30s. He is  a model to be follow, a example to copy and reproduce… but he can barely express himself in front of a microphone…

We will further develop this concept: how the “fútbol” (soccer) in Spainistan is given a crazy, madness, social importance versus other issues. How it models Spainistanis; how it generates rage and illiteracy. How it is unethical (Spanish soccer league is indebted with over 800 milion Euros!). How, to sum up, it serves as a mechanism to control society, a very dangerous and efficient one. 

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