Fascism in Spainistan newspapers

This is the frontpage of the Spainistan newspaper "La Razón", the past 10th of May. La Razon has a daily circulation of over 150.000 copies, one of the most sold in Spainistan. Whilst it has traditionally been positioned on the right of the Spanistan landscape, since Partido Popular took the power it has gone not only to the right, but to the extreme right.

The height of its conservativeness, came to happen this day, hence getting dangerously close to fascism. As you can see in the picture, the front-page was presenting five students as criminals, not to say as terrorists. Actually, this format has commonly been used as to raise public awareness about wanted terrorists in Spaininistan.

It was published just some days before the massive protest in celebration of the 15-M or "indignated" (indignados) movement that started in Madrid and spill over all around the World. A Le Monde Diplomatique blog took the history (you can access the article here) and qualified it as “repugnant, ignoble and pathetic”.

More posts will come on the way this extreme-right newspaper treats information with techniques unique to totalitarian, controlled and fascists’ states, as Spainistan is becoming. In the meantime, should you want a bit more of information, please continue reading…

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