Main topics / Temas principales

As mentioned in the "Why this Blog?", the main topics we would address in this Blog are intimately related to the Spanish current situation, considering this country de facto intervened by the European Union, together with the raise of the right and extreme right (ultra liberal Spanish neocons) generated by the economical situation. Hence, main topics addressed are, among others:

The political situation, focusing in the mandate of the Partido Popular as a Right and Extreme-Right-based government, "puppet" of the Finantial Markets, the European Union technocratic and neo-liberal doctrine and complient with the "traditional" Spanish powers, reflected below, such as the Church, the Monarchy or the Army.

The social situation, focusing in the cuts and dramatic reductions carried out by the Spanish Government at every level of the formerly know "Well Fare State": the labor reform, the education or the health system being just some of the  big amount of examples available every day.

The ancient-rancid institutions ruling the country, such as the CHURCH, the ARMY or the BANKING establishments. In what it could be described as a post-wellfare State, these institutions are getting strenght everyday under the protective umbrella of the PP government, translating its policies into dramatic restrictions to previously gained basic civil rights, such as abortion, homosexual marriage, human rights' education or others.

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