What the Spainistanies deserve

We are seriously starting to believe that the Spainistanies have what they do actually deserve. Since the right-side Partido Popular took over the government in Spain 5 months ago, they have taken all necessary measures to (1) dismantle the welfare state in Spainistan (previously known as “Spain”); (2) break up their own electoral promises; (3) contradict their own political program; (4) and blindly serve the Merkel-European dictatorship based on the austerity narrative coming from the European Union and the financial markets.

Despite of the above, the recently published poll on social research done by the Centre for Sociological Research (a public institute), shows that whilst the Partido Popular has only lost 4 points in the voting intention, the PSOE (the socialist alternative) has only gained 1, hence keeping the distance between the two in more than 10 points!.

This is absolutely unveliebable and clearly shows what are the priorities of Spainistanies, what is the social and political support of the right and extreme right in Spainistan, and how Spainistanies prefer not to look at the reality, but to “enjoy” with stupid entertainments such as soccer (fútbol), TV realities, and going to the church or supporting the monarchy.

Spainistan and Spainistanies have what they do deserve: a sinking country, with almost 6 milion unemployed people, with almost 50% unemployment rate of those under 25 years old, with public and health education being dismantled and with anachronic, oldfashion, hyper conservative and extreme right institutions such as the catholic church, the army, or the monarchy in place. All of this at the same time that the government is injecting public money to the financial and banking system.

Here you can find a list of things done by the current government in contradiction with their own electoral promises and political programs. We would further elaborate and update this list for you:
  • Taxes have increased, including the one directly taxing Spainistanies’ rents (the IRPF). It is confirmed that indirect taxes, such as the IVA (VTA for other countries) will be increased in 2013.
  • 10.000 million Euros have been cut in public Health and Education, following the worst budget ever in the history of Democracy as per their correlations with the social welfare state.
  • Access to health for “irregular” immigrants will be cut off from August on, following a homophobic and xenophobic narrative launched by the Partido Popular.
  • The most aggressive labour reform took place, with measures such as reducing dismissal’s compensations from 45 to 20 days; favouring dismissals based on subjective causes; or favouring the creation of “mini” and “dirty” jobs under the form of internships or training contracts.
  • Public money (10.000 milions Euros) will be invested to save one Bank (Bankia), meaning the de facto intervention of the Government to rescue a finantial institution. This happened exactly after arguing that the State did not have funds to pay for Health and Education.
  • An “amnesty” was approved for Spanish capital not declared to the Spanish authorities, estimated at a +25.000 million Euros. The government will not investigate the origin in exchange of a 10% tax. Together with the fact that Spainistan will never know where this money is coming from (facilitating the cleaning of money originated by drug, human or weapons traffick, among others), this 10% is nothing compared with the 30, 40 even 60% it should have been taxed with.

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