The Politian, the Soccer Player, the Monarchy and the Corrupted

… the good and incredible thing in Spainistan is that you can find all of them in or around just one and the same person!. The guy in the picture is called Fernando Roig. He is the President of the Villareal Futbol Club, a first Spanish Soccer League team that even played the Champions League recently.

This guy was yesterday cited at Valencia tribunals as a witness. He is a key witness in the Iñaqui de Urdangarín case. Iñaqui de Urdangarían is Duke of Palma and the son-in-law of Juan Carlos I, the KillerKing of Spain. As you may  probably know, Iñaqui is now impeached in Spain accused of several charges, among them embezzlement of founds and traffic of influences, together with fraud to the public Treasury in what is supposed to be millions of Euros.

Why is Fernando as key witness?. According to the information available, his enterprise, the Villareal Futbol Club, payed almost 700.000 Euros for a report of 12 pages done by the Instituto Noos, an enterprise of Iñaqui Urdangarin. Yes, yes, you read adequately: 700.000 Euros for a report of 12 pages… Apparently, this was common practice in Iñaqui’s institute, who was dedicated just to do bullshit for several people (among them, many Politians in Valencia,including the ex president Paco Camps and the mayor, Rita Barberá). Obviously what they were in fact buying was the “name” and the "reputation" of the Monarchy…

The surrealist, absurd, and Spanistan momentum came when Mr. Roig was inquired by the journalist after his declaration in the tribunals. This person answered, literally:

“I kindly ask you to respect my mourning day”, referring to what happened on Sunday, the day before, when Villareal lost his match and had to be descended to the Second Division of the Spanistan League, a drama for many people that seems to be more important than any other thing... 

So, this is Spainistan: a country where people cries because their team is descended, without bothering by the fact that his “President” is clearly connected to a bunch of corrupted polititians who, in turn, are connected to a corrupted, old-fashion institution such as the Monarchy.

Somebody can offer something better?. Shame on Spanistan,
A hurt former Spaniard  

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