No access to healthcare in Spainistan Banana Republic

Only in Banana Republics, as Spainistan is starting to look like, you may find situations such as this one: now, following Mariano Rajoy's brutal neoliberal cuts ("reforms" according to their narrative), de facto economically and finantially intervened by the European Union technocracy, those without-papers (the "sin papeles" in Spanish or "sans papiers" in French) would not benefit anymore from access to healthcare.

The government aduces that emergency and maternity services would be in any case granted. However, as many reports show (among others, this from MDM - Médecins Du Monde / Médicos del Mundo - Spain), this measure is all but adequate, simply because:

  1. It is completely discriminatory. It lefts people out of the system simply by being "no-nationals". Moreover, it exclude the most vulnerable, those without any kind of regular paper in Spainistan. By the way, one Spanish politian, when presenting this measure, referred to the "Rumanians" as the worst case, as they obtain the European Card in Spain and, when getting back to Rumania, still get re-paid health services... I do apology here to all Rumanian people for this stupid bastard comment.
  2. It is anti-constitutional. The Spanish (not the Spainistanish :) Constitution includes the Universal Right to Health in their articles 15, 40 and 43; any limitation to this right goes against the constitutional text and therefore, against the Spanish People, where Sovereignty laids.
  3. It is fully hypocrite. We will further develop this in other posts, yet it is necessary to say that the main argument aduced is that there is a "call effect" generated by the massive free offer of services that the Spanish Health system does. However, those criminalised with this decree are precisely those who are using the less the system; according to MDM report, only around 4% of it!!!.
... and many other reasons. The Church, the Army, the Bank... many institutions makes us shame of being Spaniards, but this measure is probably one of the most awful, abject and F-A-S-C-I-S-T measure taken by a Government that, I'm sorry, it cannot be defined otherwise but as a FASCIST oliogarchy.

From a Hurt Former Spaniard

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