King Juan Carlos the Killer

This is the King of Spainistan: a killer King. As you can see in the picture, he has been killing elephants. The issue became a massive scandal  as this only was known because this person suffered an accident that brought to a hip-rupture. Now, a traditionally "untouchable" institution such as the Monarchy has come widely critizised, even questioned, all over Spainistan.

His name is (I of course avoid to include the nobility titles, such as "excellency" or other medieval stuff) Juan Carlos I de Borbón, and it belongs to the allegedly "noble" saga of the Borbones (and, allegedly also, "Royal House" in Europe). You can find more information here

OK, so, this person, widely supported by the poor Spaniards, extremely (to the extreme of the extreme right) supported by the conservatives in Spainistan, came public due to a hunting race that took place in Botswana, within an extremely pathetic context in this Banana Republic that is Spainistan. I do promise to you this is worth the reading...

  1. Some weeks before, the King of Spainistand said publicly that he couldn't sleep well thinking on the high unemployment rates suffered by the Spanish population. The cost of the trip was estimated in a minimum of 50.000 Euros, paid with Spainistan public founds.
  2. Spanish public opinion only came to know about this trip because this King suffered an accident during the hunting, leading to a hip-rupture. Otherwise, not only the Spanish people, but also probably the Government (although this is still disputed) would have never come to know about it.
  3. Only some months before, the Spanish Royal House published, for the first time in history, a "detailed" one-page document about their budget. This was "achieved" following a big pressure linked to budget restrictions in Spainistan.
  4. Just 1 week before, King of Spainistan' grandchild suffered another hunting accident when shooting himself on his foot... despite being 13 years old and therefore not legally permitted to carry weapons. This child is the son of the Duque of Palma, who is divorced from the Spanish Princess Infanta Cristina under serious accusations of having other sexual affairs and even consumption of hard drugs (there is not evidence about these informations).
  1. Two months ago, the Killer King' son in law, Iñaqui Urdangarin, was accused by a Tribunal of corruption and deviation of public founds, estimated between 3 and 6 milion Euros. The cause is still opened and the trial is on going, with serious, in crescendo evidences that the Royal House, including his wife, the Infanta Elena, and the Killer King himself, being involved...

To sum up: the "Royal House" that has been sold out as an example for the Spaniard Society is actually a pot of animals' killers, corruption, lack of transparency, unethical (or the less, incoherent) behaviour and spendthrifts to a point that has been already impossible to held covered for Politians and Media.

We will develop all of these aspects and many other more as we do consider this institution one of the most decadent, anachronic and oldfashion ones coexisting with the Spaniards in Spainistan.

From a hurt former Spaniard

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