Mr. Rajoy, the President of Spainistan

I would kindly ask you to see the video below yet a previous contextualization is needed: it is the 10th of April 2012, Tuesday. The week before, the Spanish government had approved the most restrictive Budget ever in the Democratic history of Spain. But a big surprise went on public on Monday, when journalists and Spanish society "discovered" ('cos it wasn't included in the Budget official proposal) that the Government had approved an extra 10.000 million Euros cut on public Health and Education. Spanish society was obviously in shock, not only due to the measures themselves, but also on the way they had been done.

Well, so... here we are. After the first public appearence of Mr. Rajoy in the Senate, that was done for other business and not at all to explain the above, everybody was waiting for our president to explain how it came such as law-decree, restricting the most untouchable components of our wellfare state.

Now you can see his reaction...

... and if you are still interested about my opinion, please continue reading. 

This, my beloves colleagues, has a name: a panic attack!. The President of Spainistan, Mr. Mariano Rajoy, had a panic attack when he realized about the need to explain the measures adopted publicly. 

Should he had wanted to do it, he could have perfectly exercise a "performance of authority", by simply saying to the journalists I would explain everything to you on Friday (during the Ministers' Council). However, he just turned away and left by the backdoor, through the garage of the Senate, without saying a single word!!!.

This is awesome, incredible, fantastic... and a sad sign of the intellectual capacity and the political weight of this character that pretends to be a President.

More, much more, will come on Rajoy. He has an enormous capacity to give us food for work... :-) And, seriously speaking, I think this guy is not going to manage the pressure; I bet he's gonna suffer a heart attack or any other kind of stress-management disease before ending up his mandate. I'm saying so looking at his face during his last appearences at Congress...

A hurt former Spaniard

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