Thieves-politicians steeling to the Third World

Somebody recently said that the Comunidad Valenciana (the paella’s region in Spain) could be considered the “the Banana Republic of Spainistán”, considering its lack of gobernance, the levels of corruption, the media manipulation, the use of force vs demonstrators, etc. Ok, we do really think that this statement wouldn’t be fair at all for the Banana Republics: comparing them with what’s going on in this corrupted, tacky-pimp and rancid part of Spainistan would just be an insult to their dignity.

The most recent example is the scandal around the plundering of funds assigned to International Cooperation (basically, charity). 27 people have been impeached, although just only one still remains in jail, the Valencian businessman Mr. Augusto César Tauroni. According to the information published so far, more than 6 million Euros originally assigned to charity mainly in Centralamerica, were actually used in order to arbitrarly allocate constructions (to enterprises closed to him) and to directly buying real state (houses and offices) in the middle of Valencia City. This was possible with the support of Mr. Rafael Blasco, Regional Councelor of Solidarity and Citizenship and currently Spokesperson of the PP in the Regional Congress of Valencia.

All of this dirty and pathetic issue was discovered, among others, by Ms. Mireia Mollà, MP of Compromís, a minor independent political party; she pushed already in 2010 for the opening of an Inquiring Commission at the Valencian Parliament. This weekend, ElPais revealed an intercepted conversation between Mr. Tauroni and his lawyer, that we literally quote hereinafter:

Tauroni: “… and now we must meditate about what we do with “the Mireia”, whether we denounce her or what we do with her
Lawyer (Gómez Tejedor): “We can rape her or doing her any other barbaric thing, what do you think?”
Tauroni: “Yes, whatever, but…”
Lawyer: “She’d like it so much, poor her, ok…”

Then, they end up the conversation laughing. This laugh is the laugh of corruption, of bullying, the laughing of repugnance and indignity. As the inquires advance, they show evidence that Mr. Blasco, together with Tauroni, also hidden and diverted funds of the Generalidad Valenciana to private accounts in several tax havens. Tauroni was at the front of a network of ghost-NGOs (some of them called illegally as other serious Spanish NGOs) with little experience in the sector or that were created ad hoc for that dirty purpose.

Blasco and Tauroni are longstanding friends as they were born in the same village, Alzira. Together with Tauroni, still in prison, the former general director of Cooperation, Josep María Felip, and Marc Llinares, Chief of Area, have also been impeached. All of them top-officials under the direction of Alberto Fabra and Alexandre Català, his sub-secretary.

Today, when still 27 officials remain impeached, we can just add that all of this took place with Mr. Eduardo Zaplana as the President of the Banana Republic of Valencia.

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